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Waterloo has a pit bull problem, right?

Friday, Sep, 20 2013

As Waterloo animal control staffers work on a new, tougher ordinance to control pit bulls, we hear of yet another attack.

On Wednesday, 79-year-old Bill Winder of Waterloo was walking in George Wyth State Park with his Wheaton terrier, Snickers.  Three pit bulls attacked Snickers.  While Winder tried to pull the dogs off, two women who appeared to own the dogs grabbed them and put them in a car.  They refused to give their names and drove off.

Winder received 14 puncture wounds.  Snickers had severe bites to its neck.

Last week, a Waterloo woman who was letting her dogs out had a pit bull push past her and attacked her two dogs, a dachshund and a Rottweiler.  Her boyfriend hit the pit bull over the head with a rattan table five times before it stopped its attack.

A few weeks ago, a 65-year-old woman was bitten over 200 times by two pit bulls and a Boston terrier mix as she was on her morning walk.  A 13-year-old boy who came to her aid suffered bites and scratches from an attack by the same dogs.

It’s easy to blame the breed.  The pit bull is not to blame.  Irresponsible owners are to blame.

That’s something city officials need to keep in mind as they consider stricter animal control laws.

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