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No jobless pay for co-pilot who didn't lower gear

A 49-year-old co-pilot who didn't lower a plane's landing gear has lost his appeal for Iowa unemployment benefits.

Donald Scarsella was co-pilot on a SeaPort Airlines plane Feb. 14 as it attempted to land at Salina Regional Airport in Kansas.  Records say Scarsella and the pilot didn't lower the gear, causing the plane to crash on its belly.  The two weren't injured, and there were no passengers aboard.

The airline soon fired both.  Scarsella filed for unemployment in Iowa.  He lived in Iowa at the time.

The Iowa benefits were granted, but SeaPort appealed.

Last week the Iowa Employment Appeal Board denied the benefits, saying Scarsella disregarded steps required to safely fly an airplane.

Scarsella declined to comment.

posted : August, 11th by KXEL