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Records detail man's death after stun gun use

Newly released records show that a 39-year-old man was shocked with stun guns at least 15 times before his death as Worth County Sheriff's deputies tried to subdue him.

The Des Moines Register filed a lawsuit to obtain the records from the Sept. 22 incident in Northwood after the officers were officially cleared of any wrongdoing.

The deputies shocked Michael Zubrod after finding him beating his girlfriend with a hammer and scissors.  He also attacked a deputy.

After finally subduing Zubrod, he became unresponsive and couldn't be revived.

Zubrod's family members question whether the deputies' stun gun use was excessive.

But law enforcement experts say it's hard to evaluate the deputies' actions because the videos don't show what happened in the minutes before the stun guns were used.

posted : July, 27th by KXEL

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