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Poverty rate down in Fox Valley, state

The poverty rate in the Fox Valley is lower than the state average.

UW-Madison researchers say the statewide rate of about 10 percent, in 2012, was the lowest since 2009.

Professor Timothy Smeeding is the director of the Institute for Research on Poverty. He says people are finding more work, and more hours. He says they're also bringing more income home, so they're less dependant on income-supporting programs. At the same time, Smeeding says there's a long way to go.

Smeeding says the FoodShare and Earned Income Tax Credit programs are doing what they're supposed to -- helping families with young children put food on the table. He says the state's programs also encourage self-reliance.

The report shows that about half of the jobs that were lost during the recession have been recovered. But it found that many of the new jobs are part-time, or low-wage service sector positions.

posted : May, 9th by WHBY

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