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Unemployment checks run out for some

Nearly 24,000 people in Wisconsin lost their unemployment benefits Saturday, and another 42,000 could lose them in the first half of the year, if they don't find a job.

Congress and the president had extended those benefits 11 times over the past five years, and now they're back to the regular level of 26 weeks. In Wisconsin, benefits had been available for 54 weeks.

UW-Green Bay economics professor Thomas Nesslein says the federal government would have had to borrow millions of dollars to continue the extension. He says officials constantly have to weigh the benefits, and costs.

Nesslein says some people have been trying very hard to find a job, but it's difficult. He says the economy is growing, but very slowly, especially compared to other recoveries in the past.

posted : December, 30th by WHBY

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