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Mars in Fact & Fiction

Event Date: April, 26 2014

Event Times: 8:00 pm

Mars, our neighboring planet, has long been a subject of human fascination.  It’s red.  It’s close to earth.  It’s within the realm of possibility for human space travel.  It’s also one of the most explored objects in the solar system.

On Saturday, April 26th, the public is invited to join Professor Brent Studer at the Palisades-Dows Observatory for a talk all about the Red Planet.  His lecture “Mars in Fact & Fiction” will feature a great many images of this compelling celestial body as well as an analysis on the lore and legend which so thickly surrounds it.  For centuries, Mars has been associated with blood, war, and general calamity. Studer will discuss this planet that humans have loved to fear, its connection to Greek and Roman mythology, and how advancements at the turn of the 19th century (photography, clockwork and glass-making) allowed for the cultivation of new, challenging and unsettling theories.

Right now Mars is the closest that it will be to Earth for the next couple of years, making it an especially good time for observation as colors, elevation and features are more discernible.  If skies are clear following the presentation, visitors will be able to view Mars through the telescopes.  This is a free public program.
This program takes place at the EIOLC at Palisades-Dows Observatory, 1365 Ivanhoe Road, in Ely.

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